“Debugging in rails”

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Well ever thought of debugging the rails application , there are many ways , one way which I liked of lately was the debugger in action directly.

Step 1 :  Install ruby-debugger gem “sudo gem install ruby-debugger –include_dependencies”

Step 2 :  Dont forget to start debugging server by saying
ruby script/server  –debugger

Step 3 :  Say debuggger in the action, the console will open in the command line for the code written below to debugger

def foo
     @object = Active.find(:all) 

When in that case in the command line we will get a rbd : opened , where you can debug the object like @object.size etc

Thats it enjoy , there are some other methods like <%= debug @object %> , <%= @object.inspect %> , puts etc which I guess all of us already know abt.


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