” Mysql for Windows + RUBY “

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So with no help from the Rails Forum here I got everything working on

Windows Vista Ultimate x64 after reading multiple threads and playing around with different versions/combinations of Rails,Mysql. 

Heres the details if anyone else has this operating system and wants to play with Ruby/ruby on rails.

First of all you can’t run the latest stable Mysql database(5.1.30-win32) as there are issues, also you cannot run the 64 bit version of Mysql as that won’t work either since Rails only has the 32 bit driver/gem.  Both install and work fine on Vista but problems happen when playing with rails.  So you need to install mysql-5.0.67-win32(I put on essential).  After installing reboot the pc.  Then run instance to configure Mysql.  If you selected to update the path in the installation I believe that works just fine, simply type path in a command prompt to verify.

I wasn’t able to find a one-click installer for 1.8.7 ruby and had issues with the binaries so I am still currently running 1.8.6-27.

You then need to add c:/Ruby/bin to your path.

Once installed you will have Ruby gems 1.2.0 which do not successfully update via the normal update command.  So what you have to do is

>gem install rubygems-update


and that will get you up to the 1.3.1 version

>gem install rails

gets you to 2.2.2 just fine

I then ran

>gem install mysql

>gem install mongrel –include-dependencies

So my successful setup has:


ruby 1.8.6

rails 2.2.2

gem 1.3.1

mysql gem

mongrel gem

and everything works great so far.


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