A study “Movie : ‘Band Baaja Baraat ‘”

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For those who have seen “Band Baaja Baarat” a Hindi Flick, story line is of two entrepreneurs who successfully build a business and like every other hindi movie eventually fall in love with each other . Well lets not get into the love part and complicate the discussion for now . Basically its there journey , there trade offs , ups and down and also a but of love injected in it .

Band Baaja Baaraat

Anyhow , here’s my take on this movie for now

Concept/Idea :

Wont get into detail to begin, but the basic idea was to start a business from scratch in Delhi(India) without almost “no funds”.
So now you would ask
– was the idea new a unique idea
– was it targeting some niece market
– was there a pain area which they focused upon
– blah blah etc etc

I mean that’s what we generally hear that the VC’s and the Investors usually ask , unlike that it wasn’t a unique idea had a pain area targeted but that’s not mandatory (eg. Twitter, etc). It was basically they just went down and dirty to execute there idea . Also the idea was simple , one could easily make other understand in less than half a minute or so .

Initiation :

Well there is a simple rule , JUST DO IT ! If you would have seen “Social Network” the difference between “FACEBOOK” and “HARVARD Connection” was FACEBOOK founder MARK ZUKENBERG, took the initiation and made it happen whereas the other guys who shared the idea to an extent were too dependent on him and never got it started or maybe caught napping. So the only way to know if something will work or not is to JUST DO IT .
The Start

“START SMALL ” thats the mantra , there is tremendous amount of knowledge one can learn from being small and then gradually scaling up. This applies even while taking jobs , startups are the best place to learn , no matter how lucrative a BIG BANNER MNC may look, the real learning happens in a startup.
eg: if you have an idea then only knowing how to execute it not
IMPORTANT , I mean if a web based poduct then in that case knowing coding is not the only thing which is IMPORTANT there are various other aspects like sales, marketing, customer service, and many more aspects .So the only way to learn all this is by getting down and dirty. This is what I meant by saying to join a startup to start a career.

Business Perspective:

START SMALL. From the business perspective, what they did in BAND BAJA BARAAT was they joined a wedding planner as interns or assistants rather directly jumping into the business although hey had an idea .This according to me is most important learning from the movie, start with someone else and learn by there mistakes rather risking on your own.

Starting small is important no matter you have funds or not. CASH is an ASSET when in BANK not when spent, as one is bound to make mistakes its important to be cash rich than to be cash stripped by investing a fortune. Also Getting your first customer is of ultimate importance. However as one work with customers the level of confidence would increase and eventually the need of external funding would decrease by just pulling back the profit in the company.

Scaling Up

Many ask whats the right time to scale up, I would say when you are confident and have gut feeling thats the right time. However its important not to screw up at the end.

However, some of the facts, they showed in the movies, is very rare in the real world.

Dont depend solely on anything and try to innovate as much as one can. Least dependency is the mantra. However in real life its very difficult. Also EXECUTE EXECUTE EXECUTE if you have an IDEA .

Do let me know your thoughts .


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