“Deploying on Amazon AWS”

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How to deloy applications on AWS (Ruby on Rails or LAMP or JAVA etc ).

Was just trying something and thought of saving some of my server cost , and decided to use Amazon AWS instances for it. I know I know .. I am bit late but nevertheless .

Will try to form a basic approach of deploying on AWS , wont cover actual ROR or LAMP deployment , but will try to take you till how we can actually get ssh access , rest post that is routine .

  1. Amazon is currently offering a ‘Free’ (http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/pricing/) service tier in their EC2 cloud, so go ahead and register that .
  2. Once you have registered now, try to create an instance .
  3. Sign into aws.amazon.com and click on Amazon EC2
  4. Click on the “Launch Instance” button and deploy an instance
    • If you want to stay in the ‘Free’ Tier to just try things out, pick a Micro instance which has a big yellow star next to the Select button
    • In my case, I picked the UBUNTU Image
    • As part of setting up the new instance you will be asked to re-use or create a new keypair. This will be important when accessing the Image later on
  5. Login to the EC2 instance you created before.
    • On the Instances page, highlight your instance and select Instance Actions -> Connect
    • A dialog box will indicate how to use an SSH client to access the instance. The command looks something like this:
      ssh -i keypairname.pem ec2-user@ec2-XX-XX-1XX-1XX.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com
    • For windows users, see this article about how to use PuTTY to access the Instance (http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AmazonEC2/gsg/2007-01-19/putty.html)
  6. Once you  have logged into your system using SSH , now you can easilyinstall LAMP, or ROR or whatever you want to. It will be the same way you install these on any other UBUNTU boxes.

EASY pesy !!

Thats it ! Will try to make time and write more of actual ROR and LAMP installations and also DOMAIN mapping in the coming posts .

Thanks !!


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